Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mint Tiny Homes customize floor plans?

Yes. We allow for full customization of our tiny homes.

Do you sell the building plans for your models?

No, we do not sell our floor plans. This is something we may look into in the future, but for now we are concentrating primarily on building quality tiny homes.

Can I insure my tiny home?

Yes, and we highly recommend that you do. It is wise to speak with your local insurance specialist in order to insure the tiny home on your site, and with your local autoplan insurance company regarding insurance for the road.

Can Mint Tiny Homes build my tiny home for Off-grid living?

Yes. We can work with you to customize the tiny home that all power sources and appliances are optimal for off-grid living, and that it is all built to your specifications. One thing to note, we do not install the solar power ourselves, we recommend you have a specialist in your area install the solar. It is much easier to maintain and find parts should you need any assistance if the specialist who installed it is nearby. We do install the proper solar conduit for the tiny home.

What hookups do I need on site?

All of our standard base models are all equipped for electricity on site. They all come standard with 3” RV grey water and black water hookups, which give you the option of hooking them up to any septic/sewer on site. The water is hooked up via garden hose connection.

How much do these tiny homes cost?

This depends entirely on the amount of specifications you have. Our base prices typically begin at $40,500 Canadian dollars for a standard 20ft tiny home. We can build on any length of trailer you choose, so if this price is above your budget, let us know, we have smaller trailer options which would bring your base price down a bit!

Does Mint Tiny Homes offer financing?

At this point, not yet. We are working hard to be able to offer this in the future! We do have a few contacts with Canadian banks which have been able to offer financing as a tiny home, however this is based purely on each client and their financial situation.

What is the build time for a tiny home?

The lead time for a tiny home build with us is 6-8 weeks, in addition to the 4 weeks it takes us to have your trailer custom made. We will do our best to have your build begin as soon as possible, however this depends entirely on the amount of builds that we have on the go. This can sometimes be a few months.

What is the payment process?

We are currently accepting $5,000 CAD non-refundable deposits in order to hold your completion time slot. This deposit is deducted off your initial 1/3rd payment, which is due 3 weeks after we have ordered your trailer to be built. The payment is as follows:

$5,000 Deposit upfront to hold completion time frame
1/3rd payment before we begin building
1/3rd payment once exterior framing, siding and windows are complete
1/3rd payment once the tiny home is finished, before delivery

Is my tiny home equipped for cold winters?

Yes. All our tiny homes are fully insulated throughout the roof, walls and trailer using closed cell spray foam insulation. With our 2×4 construction, this brings the R value to R21. We insulate between the floor joists and spray foam the underside of the trailers.

Can I increase the R Value on the tiny home?

Yes, we can build the tiny home to 2×6 construction in order to increase the R value of the tiny home. Keep in mind the downside to this is that you will be losing interior space.

What are the legal road size restrictions?

All our tiny homes are built within the legal road size restrictions of 8’6” wide x 13’6” high. Your length of tiny home can vary.

What do I need to tow my tiny home?

We recommend at the very least a one ton truck. The more heavy duty the better. If you are not familiar with towing any long vehicles, we recommend you have a transport company tow the tiny home for you.

Do you deliver to the USA?

Yes, we do! In fact most of our tiny homes are bound for the USA. There is a $700 border documentation fee for import of the tiny home through customs.

Delivery charges:

  • 2 axle models: $2.65 CAD per mile
  • 3 axle models: $3.20 CAD per mile

*Per mile from our location in Delta BC Canada
*Delivery of homes within a 350 mile radius of Delta are subject to a different rate.

You are more than welcome to come and pick the tiny home up yourselves as well!

Do I have to pay the $700 border documentation fee?

The fee is for a broker to import the tiny home into the USA. They ensure all the paperwork ahead of time, and arrange for smooth sailing through the customs import process. This fee is mandatory if we are arranging delivery for you. If you are transporting the tiny home across the border yourself, you are more than welcome to waive the fee and arrange the paperwork yourselves.

Is there any duty to be paid on the tiny home?

No, however there may be a small amount of sales tax to be paid on the value of the trailer when/if you go to insure the tiny home for the road. This is done with your local road insurance company, and the amount of tax due is based on your local state.

How does pricing work for US buyers

Quite simple, all our prices are in Canadian dollars, so the price is fixed purely on the exchange rate at point of purchase/payment.

What sizes of tiny homes do you offer?

Our sizes range anywhere from 18ft, 20ft, 22ft, 24ft, 26ft, 28ft and even 30ft, 32ft, 34ft and 36ft tiny homes.

Can I customize my tiny home to have a shed style roof instead of a peaked roof?

Yes. There is no added cost for this.

What is NOT included in the base price of your tiny homes?As a rule we generally don’t include the toilet or any appliances. The reason for this is because we build all our tiny homes custom for each client, and each client has entirely different sources and hookups on site.

Are you RV Certified?

MINT Tiny House company is proud to meet the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association and be CSA certified. CSA and MINT are focused on safety and quality within the construction of our units. This means you are assured a quality-controlled home that has passed the meticulous inspections of CSA to be either CSA Z-240 RV (NFPA1192) or CSA Z-241 Park Model (ANSI119.5) approved.

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